You have the time pretty much every IT administrators life in which you have to call company about getting some form of server repair. This makes sense, as computer servers obviously are used pretty heavily and have a high potential of failure compared to your regular laptop. Typically, these computers are made with pretty high-end components that are durable for use by often thousands of people. But if there is a Achilles’ heel for these particular products, it tends to come in the hard drive department. Maybe servers are based on raid array technology, which as we all know is very strong and redundant. In fact, it is probably the best way to store corporate data in general. But the problem with this is that sometimes you have multiple hard drive failures, and once you have it happen, you’re pretty much doomed. At that point, you have no choice but to contact someone for professional server repair, and makes sense to contact a data recovery company for this job.

I Don’t Do Server Repair

I think Bob is probably out of his mind if he thinks that I am going to do anything heavy as far as server repair goes. I certainly have a lot of experience with databases and server platforms, but I have absolutely no experience with server hardware in general. I mean, I can plug any graphics card with the best of them, but when it comes down to actually repairing hard drives, this is simply not my job. I don’t think he understands that when you want to actually repair a raid array, you have to basically rebuild all of the hard drive from scratch using manufacturer parts. Plus, you’re going to need a data recovery clean room which of course we don’t have. I try to convince them of this, but he still thinks that part of my job description is server repair. I just wish he would wake up to reality about this.

Data Recovery Service Companies Offer Server Repair

There are certainly a lot of issues with some of the new IBM servers. I have always trusted IBM because they’ve basically been around forever and once they sold the consumer division, I was aware that they were probably going to focus on their corporate customers a lot more. And for the first couple of years of using IBM servers, I felt like everything was pretty good. We didn’t really even have to send them back for anything and it wasn’t until the warranty expired actually even had to consider server repair. Of course, that was the real problem: the servers didn’t even break down until the warranty was up. So obviously I had to contact the data recovery company because you might as well be that in cases of a server failure. The weak point every server has to be the hard drive, and you need to know that only a professional data recovery service company can even offer you this kind of server repair.

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