dell-raid-recovery-policiesOne of the things that the Internet has claimed to do over the past bunch of years is to empower users. On one hand, this is very much the case because so many people are able to do things with the amount of knowledge that is available with just the click of a mouse. But the problem with this is that there is so much information out there that is incorrect, and this is particularly the case in situations that require RAID recovery. It does make a lot of sense that when a server administrator has a full on raid failure that he would want to do something about it. Most managers look at their IT support personnel as very qualified and able to do something like a complex data recovery project. Of course, this is rarely going to be the case and it unfortunately waste a lot of time and energy. False information is responsible for often very expensive raid recovery charges, and system administrators need to realize this.

Need Better Dell RAID Recovery Policies

I don’t think anyone of us really knows exactly whatwas the real source of our raid failure, but I am the first one to say that I was surprised by the whole thing. I think when we first bought Dell servers we assume that the support policy would include some form of hard drive recovery, or at least a basic RAID recovery insurance plan. Of course, when it did actually come down that we had a full on raid failure, I discovered that this was not the case. I know that people talk a lot about how good Dell PowerEdge raid servers are, but I have to say that I’m a little bit surprised by their support policies. These platforms are actually very expensive and as a result it has to be said that something about raid recovery should be written into the warranties. You don’t expect that these raid servers are going to fail, but when they do not only does he get very expensive, but it is very harmful to your organization.

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