getting-to-know-server-repairThere are always going to be those servers ministers that assume that pretty much everything is all right with their machines in general. A lot of techies like to brag that there system configuration is perfect and that there is very little chance that they will ever need the services of a server repair company. While, this is unfortunately the kind of complacency that affect the IT industry and is one of the most dangerous attitudes out there. In today’s environment, complacency kills and certainly insuring that you have the phone number of a good server repair company is always necessary, especially in situations in which you have a raid failure. No one is ever really prepared for a raid failure, and the idea of attempting to fix such an issue on your own is almost ridiculous. This is why it is important for you to always understand that there are a lot of good companies out there that do this for a living, and unique you know one right away.

An Expensive RAID Recovery Experience

Now that the new year has passed, I’m actually pretty happy that our budget will again be restored. We just a lot of hits last year, mainly because of the fact that we had a lot of server failures that were very surprising. We had just purchased a bunch of new HP servers and unfortunately had a number of raid failure that required professional RAID recovery.  Obviously, if you know anything at all about raid recovery, you probably understand that it is a very expensive service to get. I think once we had a couple of servers fail, it pretty much ate our IT budget up for the next couple of months. I think you are running on fumes toward the end of the year, but obviously we have a raid servers fail you have no choice but to have recovered right away. Even our backups were not sufficient, and although it was a learning experience, I have to admit that it was very expensive.


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