professional-with-exchange-recoveryI will say that this whole experience is put me on the edge of my seat when it comes to my job. I just assume that this server was having minor database problems, so when I attempted my own exchange recovery, I figured it would be that much of a problem. Sadly, this was far from the case and management was immediately alerted to my mistake. I know that I should call our chosen Exchange recovery company when I get in a situation like this, but unfortunately this time I just assumed this was a minor file problem. We all make mistakes, and I know that my boss understands that I normally am very sharp when it comes to Microsoft exchange problems. Unfortunately, this time I made a mistake and should have contacted a professional first. But, fortunately this company offers 24-hour exchange recovery, so I think we will have the server a lot sooner than management will be able to have a discussion about firing me.

Knowing when to Call a Professional

I know that there are a lot of forums on the Internet that explain to you how it is best to perform Exchange recovery on the database. These errors do happen every time, and if it wasn’t for database repair tools, Microsoft exchange would be a pretty crappy tool for pretty much any company. But, the unfortunate part about most Microsoft exchange recovery tools is that sometimes there are little bit too powerful for their own good. I have seen a lot of cases where attempting a repair can actually destroy the database or at least make it so that you have no choice but to call professionally. This is certainly not the case every time, but I find that it is always best to use the native tools only and if something like a multiple disk failure has occurred, to just call a professional right away. They have expedited Exchange recovery services for that.

Getting the Right Knowledge

I know that Halloween is coming up and I actually think that it is quite hilarious that we should find that now are servers running into issues. I think it because most administrators know that having a raid server problem is probably one of the scariest things he can ever see.  I think the issue with most raid problems is that most people aren’t entirely sure when they are going to have to call a raid data recovery company, and when they can just repair the disk with the raid controller utility. The instructions for most of these utilities are pretty poor and don’t really give you the opportunity to make mistakes. This is the problem with raid servers, because they are very unforgiving. If you run a program by accident and it deletes a lot of data, sometimes recovering the data back to its original state is almost impossible. Knowing this is half the battle for administrators.



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