Exchange-RecoveryI think that a lot of IT administrators feel somewhat ashamed when they have to delegate. It seems weird to me, but I guess that’s why you have IT administrators that are leaders, and those that are just workers. The workers tend to want to do pretty much everything themselves. I have been fortunate to be one of those people who has no problem delegating at all. As an example, we had an exchange server failure last week, and pretty much everyone in the company was going crazy because they couldn’t get their e-mail. I was pretty, but the situation, and once I get a couple of hard disk checks, I realized that I would have to call and Exchange recovery service right away. I know better than anyone that this date is huge for our company and risking it is just stupid. But, I guess that’s why I’m the lead administrator here. I’m taken make the best decisions, not necessarily the most skilled ones.

Better to Put It on Someone else

If you think things are pretty rough for you when you have a single hard disk failure, how about if you have more than one drive in a raid array fail at once? Yes, is very ugly. In fact, I don’t know any administrator that can deal with this kind of situation calmly, especially if the raid array contains really important data (which they usually do). I had a problem that was a lot like this just recently and it took me by surprise. I deal with a lot of hard drive failures in my job, but never have I had to deal with a serious raid failure. I just decided to throw my hands up and call a RAID repair company right away. I you that the data was way too important for me to fool around with. I’ve seen guys lose their jobs for less that our company, and I did not want to be the guy who was responsible for all that Microsoft Exchange data.

Tense Times at Work

Things were weird at my work this week. I think it was because of all the recent layoffs we’ve had, in that it seems like I don’t recognize many people as I used to. Plus, we were just coming off an Oracle server failure the other week and I think everybody was very “walking on egg shells” with the boss. He does tend to be a pretty temperamental guy. But, I have no problem with him because I had come through with fixing the whole server problem. I won’t say that I had 100% to do with it, but I was pretty key when it came down to this particular raid data recovery. I had read a lot on the Internet about raid repair overall, and I knew from that particular research that attempting to recover raid hard disks on your own is usually not a good call. So, I got the name of a good expedited raid repair shop, and ended up returning the data and the hardware to us within 24 hours. I became the hero, and my job is stay for one more week.

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