I bet a lot of IT managers don’t know how much risk they’re taking when they type in something like server repair on the Internet when they actually have a raid array failure. Let’s face it, a raid array failure is a hard drive issue and really has nothing to do with the technology upon which the server was built. So going to be server repair companies is usually a waste of time. When you want to do is contact a professional data recovery service that specializes in raid data recovery. Is important to note that raid data recovery is not a very common service despite the fact that so many companies advertise that they can do it. What these companies will typically do is simply outsource it to a professional and then take a huge amount of money off of the top. You need to think about this the next time you think your company needs server repair and it really needs data recovery.

Dell PowerEdge Raid Recovery

There is a time in pretty much everyone’s lives when they realize that they are little bit over their head and they are trying to do something that is well above their skill set. I ran into this issue a couple of weeks ago when I unfortunately had a situation in which I needed raid recovery. From what I am reading on the Internet, it is very uncommon to actually have your raid server breakdown. I can say that this is probably the case for me as well because of the fact that I have run raid servers for probably 15 years now, and have typically not had very many problems. I think probably it was when I started using Dell PowerEdge raid servers that I started to really experience a lot of failures. I am not blaming Dell for the specific failures, but I have to wonder about the hardware that is built into the machine.

Dell PowerEdge Data Recovery

When we were looking to acquire several raid servers to house our Oracle databases, I think we shopped around pretty well. We had discussed with a number of vendors what we were looking for as far as raid 10 array, and we got reasonable quotes from IBM, HP, and of course Dell. We ended up going with Dell because I think they were lower-cost and they seem to offer a pretty reasonable support plan overall. But I didn’t realize that after a while we would probably find yourself in a situation in which we would have to find a company that specialized in Dell PowerEdge raid recovery. Certainly, this kind of company is not very common because of the fact that raid recovery companies are very uncommon themselves. So once we actually found a vendor, we told a couple of our partners that these guys were experts in Dell PowerEdge recovery.

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