boss-and-server-repairWe haven’t had a lot of instances lately where we have had any major hard drive failures. I’m actually pretty happy about this, because we were running a lot of IBM servers for a while that were actually pretty troublesome for us. I felt like I was calling in a server repair company pretty much every other week and I have to say that it was getting very tiring.  When you’re an administrator, one of the worst thing that can happen is you have a data recovery problem. This is because there’s really nothing you can do about it: you can download as much data recovery software as you want, but none of it is going to be able to access the hard drive on your crashed server. What sucks about this as well as that your boss will usually wonder why you can’t do this kind of professional service. Doesn’t he understand that this is a very high-end service that very few people can do?

Server Repair in a Exchange Recovery Scenario

I do have to say that I am looking for to my Christmas vacation this year. This is a couple of weeks in which I can just kind of relax and not think about my job, which is been very stressful lately. We actually bought a bunch of Dell servers about five years ago, and unfortunately what is been happening recently is that they are failing right after the warranty has expired. It really sucks, because these are very complicated servers with RAID 10 configurations, and when you have something like that fail, it can be pretty scary. I immediately tried to call a few of the server repair companies out there, but it seemed like I would have to call a company that actually not only did server repair, but also did data recovery. I found a company called Raid Data Recovery Service Group, and they ended up taking the job. They ended up actually even returning our data to us within 24 hours, which was a bit of a shock for me. I didn’t think that they would work this fast, but they have is extremely fast expedited data recovery service that pretty much every business in the United States should know about. This is one of those things that every administrator get happy about because although it costs a little bit more money, it, the managers down especially in situations when you have something like a exchange recovery issue. I can’t tell you how much stress I saved by using this company, but let’s just say it probably saved my job. Once I told my manager exactly what was happening and about the fact that they were going to basically keep us in the loop as the job continued, I think he calmed down a lot. This is a good thing, because this guy can get pretty damn mental.

Recovering Data from a Crashed Hard Drive How Can It Be Done Effectively?

A Hard drive can crash at any point of time so, the user has to be completely aware of it and he has to have the back up of all his essential data. When the hard drive crashes totally, then the user needs an expert to get it right and also to get back the information in it. But when the hard drive is crashed partially, then the user itself can manage to recover his data from the crashed part of the hard drive. Recovering data from a crashed hard drive is a really a cake walk because the recovery software that are available in the present day market is so easy to use that the user can learn it use in few minutes. The steps for using this recovery software are available in the internet itself and even the videos that completely explain the procedure of recovery can also be found in the internet.

How Easy is Recovering Data from a Crashed Hard Drive?

When a hard drive crashes, some decisive steps should be followed by the computer user in order to save the hard drive and also the essential files and data in it. The moment after the hard disk crashes, it should be removed from the computer. The hard drive that has crashed can be plugged in any others computer which is working properly. But this step should be done only for the testing the hard drive and it should be done carefully because if any short-circuit happens in the hard drive, then it cannot be repaired. The cause of the problem should be found out. A fault in the motherboard might also be responsible for a similar situation of hard disk crash. For this reason, the hard drive is connected in another computer. If the problem is caused by the motherboard, then it has to be repaired by an expert. If the hard drive has crashed, then recovering data from a crashed hard drive is done by a professional who also repairs the problem.

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