Raid-RecoveryI know that there is one worth of data stored on this particular raid server. And it’s pretty unfortunate, because of course the backup server was malfunctioning the whole time. So when I found myself in a situation with two hard drive failing in a raid five array, I knew that I was probably out of luck when it comes to repairing it. Once I managed to do a little bit of low-level interfacing with the system, it was pretty clear that a couple of those hard drive had failed. I don’t really know anything about raid 5 data recovery, so I knew that a professional would be necessary. But, no big problem for me. We have the budget for this kind of stuff, and we have to use it sometime. What I don’t like about the situation when you have a raid failure is that everyone starts to panic. They just have to realize that raid failures occur every day, and that’s what raid recovery professional do.

This Equipment is Really Old

I don’t really know what they’re doing with all of this old equipment. I’ve seen some of the raid servers that they are running here and it seems like I’m running a museum around here. I swear that the technology seems to be from the 80s half of the time. But, I think it’s because my boss is so cheap when it comes to taking care of his IT equipment. But, because of the recession I had take this job and actually the people are not all that bad. It’s just I’m always dealing with things like raid 5 data recovery in this job, and it’s mostly because the equipment is so old and crappy. Honestly, I think I dealt with a raid array the other week that actually used ATA 100 specifications. I mean, how old is that? I guess is fine, but I sometimes feel like I am a member of the Back to the Future cast. Only with technology.

There Are Good Days and Bad

There a lot of times in my job when I feel like I should probably just quit about halfway through the day. Even the candidates were you have to perform a full raid server recovery, or find yourself with an exchange database problem that you can’t solve. And it’s funny, because there really is no point calling a lot of the manufacturers for tech support on these issues. Their staff tends to be from other countries and not really understand English to start with, never mind the actual technology platform. I sometimes wish that I could perform actual RAID recovery on my own servers. I think that is a challenge that I would actually quite like in this job. Otherwise, my job tends to be little bit dull and consists of me doing the same things over and over again. I would like to deal to rebuild my raid array myself, but I don’t think my boss is going to train you to do that.

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