I know that it’s pretty easy to do a quick search for data recovery and contact the company at the top result in the engine. But, I think when you’re dealing with something as important data recovery for your company, you should probably investigate a little bit deeper. While I can agree that companies with a rather large marketing budget are obviously funded well enough to succeed, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be the best company. What you want to be looking at when it comes to data recovery is recovery rates. If the company is only recovering 70% of the hard drive that affected them, they are either a really bad data recovery company, or are just not equipped with the right equipment.

I think data recovery tends to be something that a lot of us take for granted because of the fact that there are a lot of software products out there. You have to remember that this should never be an influencing factor.

Hard Drive Clicking Was the Warning

I have always had pretty quiet computer systems, so obviously when I had a hard drive clicking noise coming from the system, I was actually pretty surprised. But, I figured that it would probably work itself out and perhaps it was just a piece of dust clogging up one of the fans. Obviously, I ended up being wrong and had to call on a data recovery company as soon as possible. When I talk to the technician on the phone, he told me that hard drive clicking is actually a symptom of all of hard drive failure and it was likely that I could use data recovery software to retrieve my files.

Obviously, it was a bit of a setback for me. I thought I was keeping pretty good backups, but then I realized that I had started to let it slide a little bit. Once this happens, you pretty much have no choice but to get a hard drive recovery company to retrieve your data. I honestly wish I had been a little bit more capable with my backups, but I guess is my loss.

Leave Your RAID Alone

You should probably understand right off the hop that there are a few technical issues in the computer environment that are more difficult to deal with than RAID recovery is. I think probably one of the most panic generating problems of the computer world, a raid failure tends to be something that very few administrators are truly prepared for. What this means is that they end up spinning their wheels on ineffective solutions for quite a while before they can actually get the server back up and running.

Probably one of the most difficult things for raid recovery technicians is that usually the raid servers that they receive have already had a number of do it yourself techniques applied to them. Typically, these techniques can be a lot more damaging to the server then the user would have thought. So what this means a lot of extra work for the raid recovery technician that is completely unnecessary. Leaving the server alone when it has experienced real difficulties is the best way to go about it.


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