RAID-systemsRAID systems comprise of a number of cheap hard disk drives operating together as a single system. A controller chip is responsible for managing the information stored which is located inside the RAID. Such systems are extremely efficient for the amount of storage space that they contain as well as for their tolerance to fault. If there is a failure at the same time of more than one drive you will need to seek the assistance of a RAID recovery expert. It is not advisable to attempt to take care of the problem yourself. This is due to the complexity of the internal design as well as the complex distribution of data. The smallest mistake can lead to a permanent loss of all data. A professional data recovery service will provide you with a skilled technician to resolve the problem efficiently and effectively. You can locate them online or in your local phone book.

Better to Go with Safety

I’ll be the first to admit that I was stumped about this whole server situation. I’m typically pretty good on my feet when it comes to server problems, and pretty much remedy anything that has to do with the corrupted database. But really, I don’t have as much raid experiences as I would’ve preferred. In fact, when it comes to dealing with things like the parity disk and other little details that make up a raid five server, I really don’t have the experience. So when I needed to be assured that all of the data would be safe, I decided that it would be best to call a RAID repair company. A a colleague of mine recommended them, because raid data recovery is pretty much their key service. They don’t even do the minor hard drive recovery that a lot of data recovery company do. I like the idea that they have a focus, and I feel like my raid data recovery is safe with them.

Better to Be Smart when It Comes to a RAID Server

When a hard drive fails, it’s always better to be smart about it. Fooling around with data recovery software that you don’t really even know is usually not a good bet. I him pretty experienced with these issues and I know that data recovery is something that is best left to the professionals. But, I never expected I would have to deal with a multiple hard drive failure until we had a full on exchange server failure last week. We were running a raid 10 server, which is a pretty robust raid array overall, and I was surprised at two drives failing it once. I knew that I was over my head right away, so I picked up the telephone and called a local RAID repair facility. They could sense that I was panicked about it, but assured me that the recover raids pretty much every day and that ours was probably a configuration that they could deal with. I like the fact that they were confident about this, and I certainly would call them again whenever I needed raid recovery.

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