Hard-Drive-ProblemIt will be interesting to see what kind of action this particular RAID recovery shop takes. I am pretty sure that they will have to rebuild the array using new hard drives, but after getting a pretty good explanation of how the service works, I’m pretty sure that they will likely rebuild the hard drive that are there from scratch. I really have no idea how they can do this, as their have to be different components for every drive, but I guess they probably have a direct line with most of the manufacturers so that they can buy things like spindles and platters. The whole industry seems like a bit of an enigma to me, and I guess that’s why they charge so much money. The idea of rebuilding a hard drive kind of harkens back to old mechanics that used to rebuild things like water pumps. Hopefully, it’s a lot more sophisticated than I think it is.

New Hard Drive Problem

I have never had to deal with the severe hard drive failure problem, although we have had some bumps along the way. Typically, it tends to break down to a salesperson who dropped his laptop, or spilled coffee on. In situations like that, you typically are not going to have a lot of really critical data anyway; the salesperson will tend to think that that is the case, but typically it isn’t even worth saving. In a lot of cases you should just replace the hard drive and get the laptop booted up But, yesterday I had a situation in which it appeared that I would need to collect data recovery shop to get RAID recovery. You only need a few this check before you realize that a raid server is down. So once I get those checks, I knew that I would have to call a professional, mainly because a lot of this data recovery software just doesn’t work on raid arrays. We’ll see where it goes from here.

The Politics of Raid Five Data Recovery

I really don’t know what it takes to repair raid array, but I’m pretty much done with this whole system. I’m having one of those days, and if my boss come complaining to me about the fact that no one can check their e-mail one more time, I swear I might go postal. I mean, it’s not as if I have the ability to just rebuild the hard drive on the spot. Plus, we’re talking about a complex raid five system. This is not a simple laptop that can just have its hard drive replacement were on our way. I know that I’m going to have to call a professional raid 5 data recovery shop. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to get their expedited service and possibly get it in a couple of days. Some of office just going to have to wait, and all of the salesman are just going to have to come down. It’ll come, but things like this take time.

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