Raid-5-Data-RecoveryI’m always on the road. I guess it’s the nature of my job as an IT administrator that I have to be moving between company locations for most of my workdays. But, I don’t mind it because the travel is kind of fun and typically I get to meet new people all the time. And mostly, I’m dealing with minor software issue that the tech support guy on the spot can handle, and also a little bit of database reprogramming. Outside of that, I’m typically doing a lot of calling of suppliers and outsourcing critical services. One of the most critical services that we do outsource is RAID recovery, which tends to be on some of our most expensive servers. We pay a lot for this kind of service, but you have to when you are repairing the raid. The data on this kind of server platform is typically not worth risking, so we tend to treat it like it is a baby.

It’s a Cool Industry

I’m not absolutely sure about what the problem is with this exchange server. I just expected that everything would probably be fine after I get a couple of this checks and that database repair on the server would do it. It turns out I’m actually not getting anywhere, I’m actually having trouble even accessing the server array. I do know that typically becomes a situation that I have to call in a professional for. RAID 5 data recovery is not something that I can do on my own, that is for sure. This is typically something that is very niche and there just is no possibility I can work with it. But, I don’t mind because it gives me a lot of opportunity to talk to data recovery technicians. I typically like talking to these guys because they inhabit a world that I really don’t understand. They basically recover hard drives all day, everyday. It seems like a really cool industry.

This Company Needs Some Help

I am getting tired of all the 12 hour days. I really didn’t sign up for this when I got this job in IT, but I assume that it would just be very minor stuff and a little bit of server administration here and there. I have had IT jobs before, and typically they tend to be not a lot of work. Once you have your coffee in the morning, you realize that most of the day is going to be spent sitting around doing very little. Certainly, you will have those users that have common problems, but those are typically nice chat sessions. Still, I found that I’ve been doing a lot of stuff that I really didn’t expect to do. The equipment here is so bad that a lot of it is failing. I had to call a RAID recovery company the other week, because our exchange server basically died. Now my boss wants me to work overtime to make sure that everything is up to scratch. I just don’t think he knows how long this is going to take.

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