dell-poweredge-server-repairI don’t know what to say about the Dell PowerEdge servers. I think even if you thousands, they were actually pretty decent servers that were solidly constructed. But I think one of the Dell started having a lot of problems with their business model, the quality of all of their products seems to have gone down. I read a lot of Dell PowerEdge servers that are shop for quite some time, and it seems like all of the new servers only lasted to the point where the warranty expired. Beyond that, of course we had to go to a professional server repair company. I am not saying that most of the controller cards failed on the servers, but it seems like Dell could have put a lot of investment into hard drives. It seems like all of the hard drive on some of the Dell PowerEdge servers are actually quite low quality. They keep failing all of the time.

Would Need HP Server Repair

I have never been a person that was very happy with the fact that HP bought Compaq. I was always a huge fan of Compaq computers and I felt like they really did a lot for the computing community. In fact, when my boss told me that we needed servers in the early 2000s, I decided that Compaq would be our choice. Unfortunately, my boss like to stick with things that work and when we had to upgrade, you decided that it was time to choose HP servers. I knew that the product line has changed quite a lot and unfortunately I couldn’t communicate this to my boss effectively. As a result, just like I suspected, once the warranty ran out of the HP servers, it was nothing but me struggling to find out who actually could provide me with solid server repair. It actually was pretty brutal, and I can’t believe how much money we’ve spent trying to repair the things.

Server Repair is a Nightmare

I think one of the biggest nightmare pretty much every administrators going to have is when he needs server repair. I that is an important distinction to recognize that server repair typically doesn’t have anything to do with the controller cards or the graphics card on these machines. It certainly has nothing to do with the ethernet cards, which of course are pretty rocksolid. No, if there is a really weak point of servers and generally days, it has to be in the hard drives. I think once a lot of these manufacturing facilities were moved to places like Thailand, the quality of hard drive tended to go down quite a bit. Now, I think a lot of administrators are finding that they need a lot more data recovery services than they used to. Plus, these servers tends to store way more data than they ever have because the drives are so huge. Is a big problem for pretty much every administrator.

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