One of my buddies was actually surprised that we decided to use NEC raid arrays at our shop. In fact, I think that he thought that this company didn’t really even manufacturer raid arrays anymore. I will admit that I hadn’t heard a lot about them in quite a while either, but one of the salespeople had a number of contacts at NEC and I think this was kind of a situation where he was trying to pay back a favor. Well, I have to say that it was a very expensive favor because unfortunately very quickly we found ourselves needing NEC raid recovery because of the fact that the servers we bought were based on some pretty goofy raid controllers. I had never seen a setup like this before, but the salesman that we were dealing with told us that it was a regular scenario. I was used to dealing with Adaptec raid controllers, and I think I should’ve stuck with them.

Fujitsu Raid Recovery

One of the most surprising things about our company when I first got the job as an administrator was that we were still using Fujitsu Primergy raid servers. I honestly wasn’t sure exactly what to do about this, because I had never used Fujitsu raid servers before. I came to realize that they had a pretty good user interface and that this was a pretty solid solution from a company that I had actually not knowing very much about. A couple of friends of mine had used Fujitsu laptops before, but we had never really seen Fujitsu raid servers in use. The cool thing was that when we actually needed to get Fujitsu raid recovery, the company was very supportive and was able to point us to a number of local raid data recovery shop that specialized in Fujitsu Primergy raid servers. Very good raid recovery support with these guys, I have to say.

Trying to Find Fujitsu Raid Recovery

Typically, you don’t expect to be an expert on every kind of computer hardware that is available. Clearly that is impossible because there are so many different server manufacturers out there that are providing very similar solutions. And, although the user interfaces are often different on the raid access platform, the way these service reform is pretty common. The issue I had was that there actually was a a lot of English support documents when it came to Fujitsu raid servers. We were using a server from the Primergy line, and I didn’t know exactly what I could expect as far as overall raid recovery support. I wasn’t really sure exactly of what potential there was that the servers would fail, but I do know that at other jobs I have had a few raid failures and want to make sure that I had full raid data recovery support if it became necessary.

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