low-bid-raid-servers-againI am trying to keep everything together right now just in case we have another problem with our raid server. I have actually been quite upset with the manufacturer of this particular rate, because it looks as if a lot of the hard disks were skimped on during the manufacture. I actually can’t believe that within two months of owning a server, I have already had to call a company about raid 5 data recovery. To me it just seems unprecedented that a professional level raid server would fail so quickly. I have been in touch with the manufacturer number of times, and it appears as if they are one of those China only places. In other words, it has been very difficult for me to communicate with them anyway. From now on, there is no way that we will be purchasing any tech equipment that is offered by the lowest bidder. It just seems like it’s too much hassle.

Learning to Recover RAID

One of the things that I think that a lot more administrators need to pay attention to is the stability of their raid servers. Usually, the whole point to installing a raid server bank in your organization is to obtain not only performance, but stability. What a lot of people do not understand, however, is that when raid servers fail, it can be quite catastrophic for the organization. And, most people do not understand how to recover raid servers from real physical hard disk damage. But, that does break down to the fact that in order to recover rate service, you need an expert. Just as you would not go to a dentist to have open heart surgery, there is really no point in going to a computer repair shop to have your raid data recovered. It just doesn’t work that way. But until server administrator start being a little bit smarter about how they handle their raid arrays, there will always be problems in this realm.

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