Raid-Repair-is-ToughI haven’t always been interested in RAID repair as something that I wanted to work with. I guess it break down to the fact that raid servers are typically very difficult to work with anyway, and even though a lot of the new raid controllers are a lot better than they used to be, if you aren’t really all that fantastic. In fact, I’m really surprised that most raid manufacturers have been able to get away with such a translucent systems work with. I imagine that raid data recovery technicians must get paid quite a lot because of the fact that the systems can be so difficult to interface with. Plus, if you have a multiple hard disk drive failure, you are always going to be dealing with a scenario that requires data recovery. And with data recovery we know we have to rebuild not only the raid array, but also the drives. Seems like a tough job.

Had to Get the Raid Repaired

I do have to go to the airport today to pick up our raid server. We ordered a RAID repair from a California provider, and I have to make sure that I can get the server set up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we lost a lot of productivity because the server has been down, and I’ve been forced to run a backup in its place. I never like to run a backup server, but in this case I have no choice. All of our employees are operating without older e-mails, but I know that everything is on the raid array, and as far as I can tell from talking to the data recovery technicians, everything will be recovered okay. It is good, because I didn’t know who to contact for raid data recovery, but then an old friend of mine told me that he commonly deals with the company in California that is fantastic. I hope he’s right.

I Told Him So

I was told my boss that we were going to be in trouble because of the fact that there was not enough cooling in this room. I mean, I told him again and again that having servers means you have to make sure that they are always kept at the perfect operating temperature, or you are putting the systems at risk. Of course, now we find ourselves having to call a RAID repair company because of the fact that he ignored my advice. But, he tends to be kind of a proud guy, and one of those guys who thinks he knows it all. Well, I know that he hired me because I’m an IT administrator and at least know my stuff when it comes to things like servers and software. But I guess that is what comes with working for a very ambitious boss: sometimes he just is not going to listen to you no matter what.

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