hddrcDTI Data is a company that offers data recovery and hard drive repair services with nearly twenty years of experience. The company was started in 1998 and has been trusted by multiple enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to recover data in the event of hard drive malfunction. Because the hard drive of your computer both stores and retrieves data as your computer functions, it is a crucial element to your computer and the data on it. Hard drives can malfunction for a number of reasons, including water damage, overheating, physical failure from wear and tear, crashes induced by improper installations or failure to close programs correctly, and many others. Technicians at DTI Data can recover your inaccessible data in any of these cases by shipping the damaged drives to their lab for recovery. Their hard drive recovery services guarantee to recover your data or absolutely no fee is charged. Hard drive recovery and repair is their speciality among a list of other services provided and has been highly reviewed by their prestigious clientele of corporations as well as personal computer users.

Basic Hard Disk Drive Recovery- If your hard drive is no longer functional, maybe emitting a clicking or buzzing noise when turned on, data recovery is necessary to access and copy your data as it is no longer accessible through use of the damaged drive. In order to avoid further damage to your data and your hard drive, turn off your computer immediately and do not use it while the drive is intact. The use of data recovery software is highly advised against as the attempted retrieval can lead to further damage and make your files irretrievable as they become more corrupted. Remove your hard drive from the computer and do not open it or expose the disks in any way. Contact DTI Data as soon as you notice a hard drive failure and they will diagnose your individual problem. In some cases, the hard drive does not need to be sent to a repair lab and the issue can be resolved over the phone.

Once the hard drive is mailed is the DTI Data technicians the drive is opened in a cleanroom where the air is constantly filtered leaving fewer particles than any other environment. This is a guarantee that no damage will be caused to the disks of your hard drive. Once the data has been accessed, a preview of your recovered data is sent to you, the fee is paid and with the return of your files the process is complete.

DTI Data is highly experienced with both PC systems like Windows but also with Apple and Mac products. Data recovery from Mac computers is a much more complicated process than PC systems and must be treated in a different way. Although the data recovery process is much different, the symptoms of hard drive malfunction are exactly the same as with a PC. The hard drive might produce a clicking noise when turned on or the computer might send messages alerting you of corrupted or missing files.

Whatever the reason for your hard drive failure, the first step to data recovery is contacting DTI Data to receive a diagnosis and a free quote for their services. Data recovery services can cost anywhere from $100.00 to $2500.00 depending on the complications involved and the number of hard drives. For a personal computer user experiencing a clicking hard drive, the average fee is around $300.00.

DTI Data also offers a downloadable software that can be relied upon in some minor cases. Simply contact a technician for an evaluation to discover the options available for your data recovery needs.

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