dellpweredgeThe world has become so digitized you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have smartphone or doesn’t have a computer or tablet. These devices are everywhere and the technology that supports these things changes as the days go by. People are more likely to use digital storage over countless photo albums and video cassettes. Even in the business world you are more likely to find a job where you spend at least 75% of the time at a computer uploading information or editing documents. Many businesses will employ servers to help manage all the information that’s involved.

Dell PowerEdge hard drives are one of the more common components of a server. Servers tend to be built on a RAID format where information is mirrored or striped from one hard drive to another. This can be useful if one of your hard drives suffers a physical or logistical malfunction as it is sometimes easier to remove the offending hard drive and repair it separately without shutting down the entire server.

Physical failures are when the hard drive itself is damaged and a logistical failure is when the software that is either on the hard drive or is in the controller fails and needs to be repaired. Both of these should be recoverable and they shouldn’t spell the death of your computer life.

So what do you do when you find yourself facing a failure? While you are looking around for a recovery company there are some key things you should keep in mind. If you are using the Dell PowerEdge hard drives in your server or for any other business, you want to make sure that whoever you choose to repair your issue has experience with your particular hard drive. There are lots of different brands and companies out there that make hard drives and you don’t just want some random person working on your device. If you find someone who has experience working with your particular device that means they should be aware of common problems. Whenever you buy anything from any brand there may be problems that are more common for that particular line as opposed to another. By finding a repair company that is familiar with your device it should mean they are able to quickly and efficiently repair it which will save you time and money in the long run.

As well as experience, you want to make sure that the facility you are sending your hard drive to for repair is secure. You don’t want your information which is important to your business to walk off with a random stranger never to be seen again. The best facilities will have video surveillance and they will have 24/7 security. These facilities will also have keypad or pin pad entrances which will help track who is coming and going.

Once your security fears have been abated you want to make sure that the clean room is certified and meets your standards. You don’t want to get your hard drive back only to see that it’s more damaged than when you sent it in.

And finally, you can’t go wrong with good customer service. Most places will provide you with a line by line estimate on exactly what is wrong and what it will cost to repair your issue so that there are no surprises. Companies with good customer service will also be readily available to give you a status update or answer any questions you may have. There are some with 24/7 customer support on top of their 24/7 security. You can access the agents by telephone, e-mail or even online chat. This is how you know you are working with a good company who takes pride in their service and wants to make sure you feel safe and comfortable while they work on your PowerEdge hard drive.

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